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Amidst a dying earth a plan is devised to save humanity. Using the last remaining resources available, a starship has been built, a very large ship named Ixion. Recall the story of Ixion the Greek hero who was tied to a fiery wheel spinning in the sky for eternity. The mission was tiresome, so many had been born on this ship never setting foot outside. Things were going smoothly despite the years of disrepair to much of the ship. And then it happened, a deadly pathogen spread through the ship and within 12 hours nearly everyone who had come in contact with it were dead, or worse…

You are a simple psychologist living in the lowest economic class on the ship. When everything went wrong you stood up and began a journey to get to the bridge of the ship, hoping to find a way to survive this crisis. Along the way you discover many survivors, Will you be their Savior or will you be the last nail in the coffin for this expedition?

This game was made within a time frame of 48 hours for the #fargogamejam2017. View other games from the game jam  http://jams.gamejolt.io/fargogamejam2017


Design & Programming:
Wren Ericksion
Ruben Tipparach

Story & Audio:
Meg Ridl

Addition Story:
Jon Bell-Clement

Addition Story:
Jon Bell-Clement

Wren Erickson
Meg Ridl
Jon Bell-Clement
Jacob Hartie
Sandra Calhoun

Additional Music:
Matthew Schneider
AJ Hayer

Special Thanks:
Meridith Russo - "If I was your girl"
Amie Kaufman - "Illuminae

Install instructions

Note: currently no version exists for none-VR but we are considering making one after the voting process wraps up! 2D screen PC/Android coming in the future! Stay tuned!

1. Download and unzip.

2. Run Ixion.exe


IXION.zip 165 MB